Monday, 20 September 2021

Editorship Proposal: "Science, Technology & Human Values"

The Society for the Social Studies of Science - one of the world's key learned society for science and technology studies, or STS - was looking for nominations/proposals for Editorship of its flagship journal, Science, Technology & Human Values (STHV). It's one of the top two journals in the field of STS, so has some prestige behind it. I've been a member of its Editorial Board since 2018, and I was totally chuffed about being asked to join it.

I was thinking about nominating myself - and asking someone else to join me - for the new Editorship, but I'm already a Co-Editor of another STS journal, Science as Culture, so it didn't seem either likely that I'd be selected, or, even if I was, it didn't seem like it'd be a healthy situation for STS as a field to have one person as Editor of two key journals.

So, instead, I thought I'd do something different.

In short, I submitted a proposal for rethinking the editorial position, selection, and process itself, combining what I called support for a "meta-editorial process" with an open, transparent, and democratic selection of 10 new Editors to form an Editorial Collective. That way, anyone could nominate themselves and no-one would benefit from an advantageous position within an existing prestige or personal network.

With the proposal for a meta-editorial process, I'm suggesting that we need to rethink the way we, as a field, organize journal publishing altogether. And my suggesting is that we need to take a more collective and coordinated approach across STS journals, rather than thinking about editorial process as being the domain of each journal individually.

Here's my proposal.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Podcasts & Online Talks

Here are some podcasts I've done recently. I've got a couple more lined up:

Also, here are some videos of talks, discussions, etc. that I've been involved in recently:

Monday, 1 March 2021

My webpage

I recently added a few more "stories" to my webpage, some of which are old and reposted, others saved from dead websites, and some just published there.

Here are the "stories" I've put up there:

  • "Getting a fairer share of online advertising is not the answer for news media"
  • "Is this the end of Big Tech?"
  • "On data rentiership in ‘Big Tech’: Why Silicon Valley might not be the innovation model we’re looking for"
  • "Personal data isn’t the ‘new oil,’ it’s a way to game capitalism"
  • "From entrepreneurship to rentiership in technoscientific capitalism"
  • "Book Review: Academic Caesar or Academic Augustus?"
  • "What exactly is neoliberalism?"
  • "How to think like a neoliberal: Can every decision and choice really be conceived as a market decision?"
  • "YouTube, Let’s Plays and cognitive capitalism"

Thursday, 26 November 2020

New Op-ed in Globe & Mail newspaper: "Ottawa’s post-hoc privacy plan still leaves the power with Big Tech"

I have another op-ed in the Globe & Mail newspaper. It came out on Friday last week and is about Canada's new Digital Charter Implementation Act 2020, which was published on 17th November. It's called "Ottawa’s post-hoc privacy plan still leaves the power with Big Tech":

"For many people, the digital economy – especially the promise of automated decision-making systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI) – will solve all sorts of social and political problems, from rising health care costs to the spread of misinformation. And yet, regulation of digital technologies, personal data and AI are almost always framed by their commercial applications; they’re rarely considered an issue for collective societal decision-making".

The rest can be read here.