Thursday, 8 November 2012

Response to 'What can we do?'

Culum Canally has written a response to a collectively written piece I contributed to, published in the journal Antipode and called 'What can we do? The challenge of being new academics in neoliberal universities'. The response and our rejoinder have just been published on the Antipode Foundation website.

Critical dialogue – ‘What Can We Do? The Challenge of Being New Academics in Neoliberal Universities

"Many readers will be familiar with the Antipode Foundation’s Institute for the Geographies of Justice. Taking place every two years, the IGJ is a week-long opportunity for doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and recently appointed junior faculty – an intensive, interactive workshop including facilitated discussion groups and debates, training and skills-development modules, and plenary sessions lead by established scholars (for more see here)..."

Read Culum's response here and our rejoinder here.

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