Friday, 3 May 2013

REVIEW: The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism

A nice review by Sean Phelan of The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism published in 2013 Critical Discourse Studies 10(1), 117-119.

Sean Phelan ends with the following ...

"Overall, this book is well worth a read. It contains a number of excellent contributions, with the chapters by Jessop, MacLeavy, Tyfield, Fine, and Lohmann worthy of special mention. The editors also deserve praise: the book includes a lot of thoughtful cross-referencing of arguments from chapter to chapter that is not always evident in edited volumes. The neoliberal zombie may limp along, but thoughtful interventions like this help us better understand what a proper death might look like. It also underscores how its death will necessitate a politics of recomposition that creates a different kind of social order from the legacy and effects of our neoliberalized inheritance."

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