Thursday, 2 April 2015

New article in ROAR Magazine: "Ponzi property: the neoliberal delusion of homeownership"

Just got a new piece out in ROAR magazine called "Ponzi property: the neoliberal delusion of homeownership". Here's the start:
"The dream of homeownership has led many in the US and UK to buy into a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. How much longer can the scam be maintained?

Despite the brief awakening offered by the Occupy movement, there really has been very little discontent with how our rulers have dealt with the aftermath of the global financial crisis in places like the US, UK and Canada. As the so-called neoliberal heartland, we might expect that people in these countries would go through the harshest of soul-searching following the collapse of our much-vaunted, although entirely delusional, free-market system..."
The rest can be read here.

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