Friday, 22 February 2019

Reviews so far: "A Research Agenda for Neoliberalism"

Here are some reviews of my book A Research Agenda for Neoliberalism, which is actually out in paperback now, so at least somewhere near affordable if anyone is interested in it.

I thought I'd put the reviews in one place, probably more for my own benefit than anyone else. I'll add to them as more come in; or should that be, if more come in! 
  • Christopher May (Lancaster, UK) in LSE Review of Books (2018) - see here.
  • Stephanie Mudge (UC Davis, USA) - in economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter (2018) - see here 
  • Giorgio Baruchello (Akureyri,Iceland ) in Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (2018) - see here [this is a slightly odd one in my view]
  • Lars Cornelissen (Brighton, UK) in Journal of Political Power (2019) - see here
I know there's another critical one coming my way soon, as I was invited to write a response to it, so I'll add that once it's up online.

UPDATE: 2nd October 2019 - here's the critical review, plus my response:
  • Richard Peet (Clark University, USA) in Human Geography (2019) - see here.
  • ... and my response, in Human Geography (2019) - see here.

More to come ... hopefully!

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