Wednesday, 2 October 2019

4th Op-ed in Globe & Mail newspaper

This is my fourth oped in Canada's Globe & Mail newspaper. It seemed to hit a nerve because it has over 200 comments - my other opeds have topped out around 10, I think. The response is probably because it came out around the same time as the main Canadian political parties were discussing the 'housing crisis' and their proposals to address it - it's an election year in Canada - plus I made a rather 'bold' prediction in it! Anyway, the piece is called "Canada has taken a perilous road to an asset-based economy":
"I predict that Canada’s housing market will crash next year, or in 2021 at the latest. A bold claim, you might think. But if we look at housing booms in the past, each lasted around 10 years and we’re reaching that boom end point in the next year or so. Canada largely survived the 2008-09 housing crash unscathed, which seemed – and still seems – like a good thing until you realize it just means this country has had another 10 years to embed housing assets at the heart of its economy."
Read the rest here.

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