Monday, 1 March 2021

My webpage

I recently added a few more "stories" to my webpage, some of which are old and reposted, others saved from dead websites, and some just published there.

Here are the "stories" I've put up there:

  • "Getting a fairer share of online advertising is not the answer for news media"
  • "Is this the end of Big Tech?"
  • "On data rentiership in ‘Big Tech’: Why Silicon Valley might not be the innovation model we’re looking for"
  • "Personal data isn’t the ‘new oil,’ it’s a way to game capitalism"
  • "From entrepreneurship to rentiership in technoscientific capitalism"
  • "Book Review: Academic Caesar or Academic Augustus?"
  • "What exactly is neoliberalism?"
  • "How to think like a neoliberal: Can every decision and choice really be conceived as a market decision?"
  • "YouTube, Let’s Plays and cognitive capitalism"

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